"I never thought it would happen to me. . ."
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With over 100 years of combined emergency service, the founders of the non-profit organization have seen first hand the devastating effects of a fire. Often, traumatic debilitation and disfigurement add to the physical and emotional toll that a fire victim experiences.   The Emergency Responders Burn Foundation's only goal is to improve the lives of burn victims by assisting with the medical costs associated with the ongoing rehabilitation process for young burn victims.   Physical treatment and psychiatric therapy are integrated with the medical costs.  Please take a few moments and see how you can help us help others.
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…an all too often phrase repeated by victims of fire. Sadly, over two million people a year are exposed to the pain and suffering of a burn disfigurement. And the suffering continues long after the fire is out. That's why we formed the Emergency Responders Burn Foundation.